Condoms for everybody!!

My NYE party was a FABulous experience in the Supperclub Amsterdam. The theme was Bohemian rhapsody and the people were all into it, so we had a blast! I am a total vinyl lover and playing them in the toilets at this arty food and party place in the Odeon building at Singel 460 in the Hart of Amsterdam. I made a small vintage thrifty kind of shop in my area and all profits went to A.H.F. Checkpoint based in Amsterdam.

Since January 1 2017 I  will and do share free condoms with the visitors of my funky club-by toilets. The Aids Healthcare Foundation sponsors me to do so. With two condoms in a little plastic bag you will find a little card with address where you can do easy, free of charge  and anonymous HIV (one minute) tests. Mostly young people find a lover for one night, or the love of there life in clubs. I make sure they are prepared for the night after the party. Condoms are hard to get at night. In Amsterdam it is easier tot buy drugs than condoms.

Young people are not the only ones who should use a condom, how about the girls that are single again after longer relations… Yes Lady’s! U 2! Not only the young puppy dolls but also the power women. Get you own responsibility upgraded and stack on condoms. It does not make you slutty but it do makes/keeps you healthy. I know there are pills against Aids but how about other sexual transmitted issues. Better be safe than sorry ladies! And you gents to of course, but sometimes love finds you by surprise so no blaming here!


Fab xxx

Wrap your LOVE

Wrap your LOVE picture by Dustin Kort

Vintage Fashion in Supperclub Amsterdam picture by Dustin Kort

Vintage Fashion in Supperclub Amsterdam picture by Dustin Kort

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